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Free MOOC: Learning in a digital age

Learning in a digital ageDevelop the skills and confidence to become a competent and autonomous learner in a digital age.

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Digital education policies in Europe and beyond

This report offers policymakers in digital education evidence on how, at the national or regional level, policies can be designed and implemented to foster digital-age learning.

The discussion of the cases identified and studied in depth leads to the formulation of eight core guiding principles:

  1. Follow a holistic approach targeting systemic change;
  2. Establish both a long-term vision and short-term achievable goals;
  3. Deploy technology as a means not an end;
  4. Embrace experimentation, risk-taking and failure;
  5. Consider the importance and the limits of impact assessment;
  6. Involve all stakeholders in a structured dialogue;
  7. Let schools and teachers have a say;
  8. Build up teaching competence
  • Published by: European Commission
  • Year: 2018
  • Languages available: English
  • Link: Click here


Fonte: Digital education policies in Europe and beyond